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voted for president obama. and republicans said that maybe marco rubio is right and maybe we have a problem. i think it is created the possibility for some movement of comprehensive immigration and legislation that will also deal with this more particular issue that you've been talking about today and we'll be talking about that tonight. i say that to commepped the center to see this months ago and realize this is going to be the issue that everyone would want to talk about after the election. now i think all of you know that in washington introductions is an inverse importance of the person being introduced that's why the governor gave me such a long introduction. i'm going to be briefer here because i think you know these three people very, very well. first of all, there is teresa sullivan who was president and wasn't president and now is president of the university of virginia. we're happy about that. senator mark warner who in recent months and years has had the ability to talk to members of the other party about matters of the great interest to the country and has been very i
for reelection now may not work for house republicans. even if there is an agreement between speaker boehner and president obama, it is not clear it will be acceptable. host: david is on the phone from york, pennsylvania, republican line, good morning. caller: i'm calling from arkansas, actually. i am an attorney and i've tried to watch the actions of this president. i take into consideration the books he read and he uses the philosophers who taught him as he grew up. i really believe that based on the way he is trying -- that based on the way he has been trained, i think the president wants to go over the cliff because that will achieve the things he was buried he wants to break up the republican party. he wants to break its back and then he also wants to go over the cliff because he wants to have a financial crisis because if you look at the study, that is the only way he can really achieve the type of social and fiscal non-responsibility he wants to achieve. that is break the back of the economy and then we have a crisis and then he will come in and fix it. it is a very socialist way that
against human nature. i think it will be hard for the next a ministration whether it be republican or democrat to reverse the obama administration's position on the visitor lot. that is something that is useful to reporters. is it perfect? know. are there ways to get a round it? yes. are there ways to get the news out? yes, but sometimes you can use the fact it will come up to get the white house to discuss these things to you. i think that is a substantial contribution and i do not want to diminish it. i would like to know more about what they admit from the logs. i think it is over two million visits. i think they may have a different perspective. i think of them to the freedom of administration act, in some areas and at some times they have interpreted it to release more information than they're predecessor administration or administrations could have. i have seen them do that again to some instances. is not substantially different. they do seem to to be a difficult position and to accord to their predecessors. there has been more of your mission forthcoming to the process. i th
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3